Chiropractic Testimonials

"Chiropractic care has changed my life for the better, I have a lot more movement for everyday activity. I came to see Dr. Orth because of pain in my leg and stiff neck and I was unable to do everyday activities. Dr. Orth has been very helpful and has relieved the pain. I plan on bringing in my children to see him."

 - Michelle K.

"I decided to see a chiropractor because of extreme back pain and was unable to stand up straight. A friend told me about an experience he had with chiropractic alignments. With the care I have gotten from Dr. Orth I am now able to sit at my desk for 8 hours without pain in my neck and back. I would recommend Orth Chiropractic to others who are suffering from pain."

 - Dawn A.

"I have been suffering from Migraines and major back pain and decided to see Dr. Orth thru the referral of another patient of Dr. Orth. He explained everything and has been very informative along the way. My migraines and back pain have decreased enough now that I can enjoy things with my kids and husband."

 - Savannah G.

"My first chiropractic experience with Dr. Orth was in 1996 after facial pain and numbness following a severe ear infection. He was my last hope before undergoing recommended TMJ surgery. My numbness started to disappear after the very first adjustment! I continue to go for maintenance and couldn't be more pleased with his care.

Since that first visit, I have had my entire family treated. I had my 3rd son adjusted at day 3 of life for his inability to turn his head to the left-problem was fixed after just a few visits. All 3 of my children have benefited from care. Most recently Dr. Orth has treated our foster daughters from age 4 months. They were unable to fully rotate their heads due to neglect and being left in one position only. Again, full range of motion in a few visits. Chiropractic care has changed our lives."

 - Monique K.

"My friend Stacey referred me to Dr. Orth. I was having problems with restless leg syndrome and was on meds for the problem. His treatments have helped me so much I can sleep all night now without taking my meds."

 - Karen C.

"Looked around and found Dr. Orth to be the best doctor in town. He is very caring and understanding. He has been a great educator and doctor about my back pain. He makes me feel great and helps me get through the working day. I would recommend Dr. Orth to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain."

 - Heather V.

"I was referred to Dr. Orth by Dr. West for back, hip, leg, and foot pain. Chiropractic gives me hope for a healthier, happier life. Dr. Orth is very thorough in his findings and explanations. I can move easier now."

 - Laura P.

"A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Orth for care with my pregnancy. I was having difficulty sitting and sleeping. I had a lot of tension throughout my body and felt unbalanced. They have a special table for adjusting pregnant women like me and I was made to feel very comfortable. Chiropractic adjustments helped me to sleep better and I felt stronger during the day. My delivery went great because of the adjustments I was getting on my hips and low back area."

 - Mary

"I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Orth for stomach cramps and she didn't want to eat, and had bloating. Dr. Orth did an assessment and was very thorough and we had tried many other things. Weekly chiropractic care helps her with decreasing her stomach cramps, food doesn't hurt her stomach anymore and she stays away from gluten. I would recommend Dr. Orth to others who are sick just like my daughter. I was referred to Orth Chiropractic by family members who are under his care."

 - Diane and Naomi W.

"Our baby was very fussy and always crying and I would try everything to calm her. She would pull her legs up and her tummy would become very hard and large as if in pain. Sometimes passing gas would relieve her but not always. Dr. Orth explained that she was suffering from a nerve that was not functioning properly and causing her discomfort. As care went on my husband and I noticed her sleeping longer and not fussing. We finally got some sleep around our house. What a relief for all of us."

 - Joni R.

"Do you have a child with learning disabilities? Did you know their bodies go thru a lot of stress during a day? I didn't know that either until I saw Dr. Orth. My son was extremely irritable and having trouble focusing and trouble sleeping at night. After being treated I noticed him to be more calm and focused at school. He looks forward to getting his adjustment because his little body knows it helps him. Thank you Dr. Orth and staff for taking such great care of our family."

 - Jan O.

"I didn't know what to expect when I went to Dr. Orth. I was referred by a business friend to see him. I started noticing my menstrual cramps were gone, something I did not expect. My stomach issues were better as well, something I did not expect. And my posture was more upright and less tension in my neck, something I did not expect. Wow, if I had known a chiropractor could help me with problems other than pain I would have started long ago."

 - Susan

"Found Orth Chiropractic thru my insurance provider list. Dr. Orth is informative, knowledgeable, caring and following his care is helping my pain in the back and neck."

 - Wendy V.

"Decided to see Dr. Orth because of pain and discomfort. He relieves more than just my pain."

 - Martin P.

"When I came in to see Dr. Orth I was in so much pain due to my low back and hip areas. I could not even go to the grocery store without being in excruciating pain. Dr. Orth worked on my low back and hip. Since treatment began I have had a drastic reduction in my pain when I walk.

I started bringing my children to see Dr. Orth due to the fact that they were experiencing headaches almost daily. Since seeing Dr. Orth and getting adjustments the headaches have almost completely subsided."

 - Aubrey R.

"I have neck pain and lower back pain. The neck pain was also causing numbness in my right arm. Dr. Orth was able to resolve the numbness and pain. Regular maintenance appointments have allowed me to have an active life - without pain!!"

 - Patricia H.

"I started to visit Dr. Orth after I began having back pain due to increasing my workout routine. My back hurt so bad that I had to stop going to the gym. Dr. Orth got me back to the gym in no time."

 - Bryce T.

"When I came in I didn't know that I had not one subluxation, but two! I started getting treated right away, and I brought my 14 year old and my 1 year old. I have noticed amazing changes in my posture, my pain in my neck and lower back, and my overall health. I had never had chiropractic care, but I will always have it now!

My daughter had really bad headaches before coming to Dr. Orth, but now she never complains of her head hurting. My one year old sleeps so much better after her chiropractic treatment."

 - Lynne P.

"My major problem when I first came to Dr. Orth was low back pain and pain down my leg. He has totally helped me relieve that pain plus many other ones such as pain in shoulders, pulled muscles, sore feet. I have had foot surgery on both feet for fallen arches and he has helped me adjust to learning to walk better after all that. His visits help me to keep my body moving well."

 - Darsie E.

"Dr. Orth has helped me to sleep better at night. I had a lot of back pains, headaches, and my neck would not move. Dr. Orth helped me feel more relaxed and a lot better."

 - Keely M.

"Headaches and low back pain has been crippling me off and on for about 5 years. Recently I woke up and could not move. I have been improving with the help of Dr. Orth and his staff. I feel great and would say that chiropractic is very helpful and very effective."

 - R.R.

"Low back pain, hip pain and numbness in my ankle has been bothering me since the late 1980's. I have tried perscription drugs for these problems with no relief. I have been thu many surgeries and this is no longer an option for me. I have been with Dr. Orth for some time now and he has helped me and I would recommend him to everyone."

- Connie M.

"Fibromyalgia has caused suffering for me for some time. I ache all over, specifically in my middle back area most of the time and my pain is moderate. I've seen a rheumatologist with no results. My primary care doctor led me to try chiropractic. At first I had my doubts. After coming to see Dr. Orth I was very impressed-he is very thorough and considers much more than just "your back". He has encouraged me to stick with the recommended care, stay active, stretch and take the suggested supplements. I have much less pain-my exercise has been easier and recovery time from work outs is shorter. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor to everyone. I will never go back to General Medicine for my back pain. I truly believe in Dr. Orth and his knowledge."

 - Kathy M.

"Neck Pain and Low Back Pain: I've been having problems with these areas for about a year and my pain was an 8 out of 10. I came to Orth Chiropractic for help. I thought Dr. Orth was good and thorough. I followed his recommended treatment schedule and had considerable improvement, I now experience pain rarely. My wife and two sons also come to Dr. Orth for adjustments and to make corrections from past injuries. My family has enjoyed chiropractic benefits and we are very impressed with Orth Chiropractic."

 - Tony L.

"Auto Accident: Recently I was in an auto accident with a whiplash injury. I started having severe neck pain/dizziness/headaches/shoulder pain. This went on for about 2 months and my pain was a 9 out of 10. Before coming to Dr. Orth I went to the ER after the accident and was put on pain relievers/anti-inflammatories/muscle relaxers. My pain persisted so I started seeing Dr. Orth. I had previous experience with Dr. Orth for my sciatica problem. Dr. Orth is very professional and knowledgeable. My treatment consisted of adjustments and therapeutic exercises. My results were rapid with most issues gone in first few visits. I no longer have pain. I would recommend to others trying chiropractic and have told 100's of people about Dr. Orth. I just can't say enough good things about it."

 - Matthew S.

"Headaches, Shoulders and Low Back Pain: My decision to seek chiropractic care was based on my parents. They had gone to a chiropractor most of my life. When I started having problems I decided to try Dr. Orth. I found his clinic to be friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have been coming long enough now that I am on wellness care and this helps me to stay on top of my problems. Chiropractic has helped alleviate my problems. My husband has also seen Dr. Orth for nerve problems with his legs. I firmly believe that it helps your whole state of health. One system works in connection with the others."

 - Phyllis V.

"Plantar Fascitis, Foot Pain, Back Pain. Daily I suffer from these 3 things with moderate pain. I have tried many other things and nothing worked like chiropractic care. Dr. Orth recommended custom made orthotics for my feet which helped with everything. He also provided adjustments to my spine to relieve my back pain and adjusted my feet. I feel good about chiropractic and have enjoyed the benefits it provides."

 - Denise

"I have been seeing Dr. Orth for over 11 years and have been very pleased with the treatment he has rendered to me. A pleasant office and easy to get to. My husband also comes here."

 - B.H.

"I have been coming to Dr. Orth for about 3 years now. He has helped me out tremendously with headache relief and through many other aches and pains."

 - Cindy K.


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